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…reminding you that every week can be Gay Pride Week.

mome-7.jpg…but the hangovers are a killer.

Well the bad taste of last weekend is just-about washed out of my mouth, whatsay we get back to some actual posting?

If you didn’t notice, my little ad-boxes to the right are randomly flashing ads for the all-new, all awesome 2007 Toronto Comic Arts Festival ( We released the first round of press, opened the site to the public, and announced our first wave of guests last week, which was fun. We’re still in the process of confirming people so feel free to keep expecting announcements. Anyhow, if you love me and you missed me at MoCCA this year, you should totally come up to the show. Toronto is lovely, The Beguiling is lovely, I’m lovely, and TCAF is going to be pretty fucking amazing!

Make your plans soon…

– Christopher
P.S. I just finished MOME 7 and I’m about half way through #8. It’s really, really good… I miss some of the serialised comics like John Pham’s and David Heatley’s stuff, but Eleanor Davis’ and Kurt Wolfgang’s pieces have been awesome… I’m super excited that Eleanor Davis is coming to TCAF, I bet she’s got oodles of comics I haven’t read yet.

Afraid Of Cock 2: So I was afraid of cock this one time…

Earlier this year, I edited my second comic book (and third project) ever: Comics Festival! 2007. Fulfilling the dual duties of promoting the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and exposing the world to a wealth of talented Canadian Cartoonists, it featured over 20 comics strips from across the country and was quite well-received by all who managed to find a copy at a comic shop on free comic book day. But when the submissions started coming in earlier this year, I got cold feet on one of them, fearing the sort of insane and unreasonable reprisal that follows any comic store retailer being upset about things, let alone things that they are paying to give away for free. What was I so afraid of? Cock, or rather the reaction to cock. The cock of…

Jett Vector, by J. Bone.

It’s J. Bone’s Jett Vector, a sexy intergalactic policeman in a leather pouch and spacefaring go-go boots. Now, this was before the Citizen Steele cocktastrophe, let alone slutty statues and tentacle porn, and hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but here’s the story of my own personal fear of cock.

Darwyn Cooke's cover to Comics Festival 2005!J. Bone is an amazingly talented gay comics artist who’s worked on series including Jingle Belle, DC The New Frontier, and The Spirit. He contributed an awesome one page strip to our first Comics Festival in 2005 (and if you click here you can read it!), and so when 2007 rolled around, I knew I wanted him in the book and he was invited (albeit through his buddy and co-artist on The Spirit Darwyn Cooke) to participate. He turned around a two-page strip in no-time flat, and it was… is… great. You can actually check it out at J.’s blog, Bonesmen. He submitted it to me with a bit of a caveat; having shown the strip to his friends they wondered if it was maybe a little racy for an all-ages book, and what did I think? So I looked at it, and liked it, and then sat and thought about it. Which was a mistake.

Some background: Free Comic Book Day? WROUGHT WITH CONTROVERSY. I’ve no idea why the act of giving comic books away for free has caused so much fucking turmoil, but it totally has, and as the editor of a book being distributed on FCBD, I was very much aware of that…

2004: A child is distributed a mature-readers comic at a Georgia comic book store. It features non-sexual nudity (an excerpt from the recently-released “The Salon” by Nick Bertozzi) and the child’s parent, who apparently has a history of this sort of behaviour, freaks out and calls the cops/the D.A./anyone who’ll listen. This is now known as “The Gordon Lee Case” and the CBLDF is fighting it in court right now. You can help out at

2005: We release our first Comics Festival, and two weeks later get an angry phone call charging me, Peter, the store, and TCAF with being Anti-Semites. Seriously. The reasoning is that we printed Leslie Stein’s comic strip in Comics Festival, wherin the author (Jewish) discusses her physical appearance (see strip here). We thought we’d get flak for Darwyn Cooke having Superman knock-off a local television personality in that issue, not for an autobio comic. Nevertheless, we hold our ground defending Lauren’s right to comment on her apperance and heritage, and nothing major comes of it, but being shouted at and called an anti-semite on the phone? Stays with you.

2005: In a book marked all-ages, a charming “Paul” short story by Michel Rabagliati features a young boy’s first encounter with a naked-lady calendar in a restroom. He is depicted peeing and being embarrassed by the calendar. You really don’t see anything, but retailers screamed bloody murder at the ‘all ages’ tag on something that wasn’t all-ages in… well, Georgia I guess.

2006: There was some cocktastrophe last year too, I can’t remember what it was. I know that the “all-ages” book BLUFF featured an advertisement with bare-breasts in it (that made retailers v. unhappy)… But yeah. Sorry. Anyway.

jettvectorinset.jpgSo, going into publishing the book for 2007? I was a little cockshy about the strip. We’d solicited the book as 13+, made the contents as widely-known as possible, and generally tried to be honest about everything. But I honestly wasn’t sure if the strip skirted into mature-readers territory by virtue of the costume and context of the story… or not. So, and I’m not proud of this, I asked J. if he wanted to cover-up Jett a little more. Maybe a pair of bicycle shorts, or a less-prominent bulge? “If not, I understand, and we’ll run the strip as is and hope for the best,” said I. But I did ask him to change his work. J. said that he’d rather not run the strip if it meant altering it, and I started to feel shittier and shittier about the whole thing… until the book’s designer Chip Zdarsky had a brilliant idea.

“Let Diamond handle it.”

2007 is the first year that Diamond made participating Free Comic Book Day publishers submit their books, in PDF form, ahead of time. I’m honestly not sure why… they don’t seem to have done much with them. But Chip had a good idea. Submit the strip, and if Diamond didn’t say anything about it being ‘inappopriate’ in an ‘all ages’ book (really “Teen” but…) then we’re good to go! J. thought this was a good idea too, and I felt much better knowing that I wasn’t forced to censor or silence a gay creator out of fear of overreaction from the fan and retail community. Did I mention all of this made me sick to my stomach? It did. Anyway. We submitted the book. Heard nothing back. Sent it to press. Diamond got copies. Retailers got copies. No one said anything… until!


Luckily though, it wasn’t our book. 🙂

Apparently, Image Comics’ Wolfman by Robert Kirkman featured a back-up story with another Kirkman character named “Brit” and the end of the story features a panel with a bunch of dildoes in it. And then? If you flip the back cover of the book upside-down, and squint, and think dirty thoughts, a picture of a vagina might appear. Seriously. This happened and it sent people into a rage. It was fucking stupid, but then so is the idea that seeing an illustration of a flacid penis might seriously damage a little boy forever, and that one’s in court. So yeah, there was tons and tons of controversy this year… Rich Johnston covered a bunch of it in his Lying in the Gutters column, go check it out.

But not our book. I mean, sure, Diamond sent out a warning to retailers that stated that Comics Festival! 2007 (among 20 other titles or so) had material some retailers might not want to distribute to kids, but they didn’t say why. Then, when Kevin Melrose at Blog @ Newsarama linked to the Jett Vector story at J. Bone’s blog, the first comment on the piece was from a “Christian Illustrator” who described the two page story as being inspired by “gay porn”. But he’s a prick, so who cares?

Darwyn and Mal's Covers for Comics Festival

In the end, we had one of the highest-selling “Silver” level free comic book day books, made tens of thousands of comic fans new and old happy, and everything went off without a hitch. It’s now just-about a month after the event, and no one said shit, apparently too distracted by the cocks, tits, and tentacles present elsewhere on the internet. Which means that my own fear of cock was ultimately unfounded.

If you go check the original “Afraid of Cock” post, you can see Darwyn Cooke in the comments section giving me shit about railing on Don MacPherson when I had come very close to censoring an artist for similar reasons. Why was I giving Don shit? Well, mostly for the yaoi comment actually, and for not knowing what an erect penis in spandex looks like… but I digress. I was giving all the “men” who were “creeped out” by the original image shit because I’d been there, if to a lesser degree. I had 20 other artists in Comics Festival, 1000 retailers who ordered the book, and 25,000 fans who might take objection, and under that pressure I strove for a compromise rather than standing 100% behind an artist who I had personally invited to participate. Put simply: I totally fucked up, and looking back, I see that. All I can say is I’m a convert… for cock. If people are gonna see it even when it isn’t there, then by fuck, lets put it out there in future.

I’ve already apologised to J. in private and we’re cool, more or less, but I did want to take the opportunity here to apologise again to J. for not standing up for a strip I enjoyed, by a fabulously talented artist. If anything, I’ve posted this here not only to air out the skeletons in my own closet, but also to try and draw some attention to J.’s work, to Jett Vector in particular, and maybe let prospective publishers know that there really isn’t anything wrong with this material. It’s sexy, yeah, but it ain’t slutty (see: Marvel Comics, DC Comics). It can be tough dealing with a property that skirts the line, particularly the scary male sexuality line, but it can be done and I’d hope that anyone reading there would trust J. Bone to be the guy to know the difference. I didn’t at first, but believe me, I’ve seen the light. Hopefully some smart editor out there will too, and we’ll all get more Jett Vector in future.
– Christopher

Comics Festival 2005: Free Online

Darwyn Cooke's cover to Comics Festival 2005!Lost in the crazy of one of my previous posts was the note that, in honour of Free Comic Book Day, we put the very first edition of Comics Festival! up online in its entirety. There’s lots of cool stuff in it, you should go check it out if you’ve got some time to kill reading comics…

Comics Festival 2005: Free!

– Christopher
P.S.: Just because I’ve already been asked: We don’t have plans to put this year’s Comics Festival online until sometime after TCAF. Sorry… :-/

ANNOUNCE: Scott McCloud in Toronto May 6th


The Varsity – University of Toronto presents

Understanding, Reinventing, and Making Comics

Sunday, May 6th, 7PM
OISE Theatre, 252 Bloor St. West
(At Bloor St. W. and St. George Subway Station)
Tickets: $10 in Advance, $15 at the door
Available at The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street

In association with The Toronto Comic Arts Festival Aug. 18-19
and The Beguiling Books & Art 20th Anniversary


TORONTO, Ontario – The Varsity, Canada’s largest student newspaper, is proud to present SCOTT MCCLOUD, the author of UNDERSTANDING COMICS, in the exclusive Canadian presentation of his world-renowned visual lecture Understanding, Reinventing, and Making Comics. McCloud’s presentation on comics, storytelling and web technology has packed lecture halls at Harvard University, MIT, The Smithsonian, Microsoft, IBM, and Pixar. Now, McCloud brings his expertise to Toronto on Sunday May 6th.

MAKING COMICS, McCloud’s third exploration of the emerging graphic novel medium (written in graphic novel form, of course) was recently published by Harper Collins to wide acclaim. In a truly unique move to the world of publishing, McCloud and his entire family (wife Ivy, and daughters Winter and Sky) have embarked on the Making Comics 50 State Tour, celebrating the release of the volume in all 50 U.S. states (with a special stop in Toronto!). Featuring daily blog updates of the tour by the entire McCloud clan and a whirlwind of press coverage, the tour has been a phenomenal success.

“We couldn’t be happier to help in bringing Scott McCloud to Toronto” said Peter Birkemoe, owner of The Beguiling and co-sponsor of the event. “At a conservative guess, we’ve sold thousands of copies of McCloud’s books, with his newest really appealing to the burgeoning segment of the population—young and old—interested in creating their own graphic novels.”

“McCloud’s books speak to more than just fans of comics,” said Christopher Butcher, the co-founder of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. “McCloud’s theories on comics—storytelling, narrative, and technology—have broad applications in the fields of graphic design, writing, and interactive multimedia. Understanding Comics and Making Comics have bolstered the claim that combining words and pictures to convey information are universal, and that comics and graphic novels as a medium really are for everyone.”

Scott McCloud: Understanding, Reinventing, and Making Comics
visual lecture presentation will be held Sunday, May 6th at The OISE Theatre, 252 Bloor St. West (at St. George Subway Station). The doors to the event will open at 7pm, with McCloud taking the stage roughly 30 minutes later.

Tickets are $10 per person, available in person at The Beguiling Books & Art, 601 Markham Street, Toronto. Tickets are available via phone at The Beguiling, 416-533-9168, Monday-Friday 11am-7pm. Advance ticket prices valid until and on Saturday May 5th, 2007. All tickets are for general admission seating. This event is appropriate for all ages.

Please note: This event is strictly limited to only 450 tickets, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and Making Comics are published by HarperCollins Canada, and are currently in stock at The Beguiling. Copies of all books will be for sale at the event.

Scott McCloud
is the award-winning creator of Zot!, Understanding Comics, and Reinventing Comics. His books are available in sixteen languages. Sin City creator Frank Miller called him “just about the smartest guy in comics.” He has given Visual Lectures on Comics and Technology at destinations as diverse as Harvard University, Electronic Arts, The Smithsonian, Microsoft, SXSW, and Pixar.

The Making Comics 50 State Tour began in New York City in September 2006, and will end in Hawaii in August 2007. The official tour blog is online at
For queries regarding the event, contact Christopher Butcher, manager of The Beguiling, 416-533-9168 or via email at:

This event is made possible with generous support of
The Varsity – University of Toronto, HarperCollins Canada, The Beguiling Books & Art,
and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, August 18-19 2007


Comics Festival 2007 is in my hand.

Comics Festival - Photograph of printed copy.

Oh, oh man. It looks awesome. Two covers, 26 contributors, 32 pages of awesome comics.

Look for it at only the very best comic book stores on Saturday, May 5th 2007. Ask for it by name. In fact, ask for it now to make sure they’ll have it, because if not, that will give you plenty of other time to find a store that will.

Just Saying.

– Chris