A fellow named Mysh e-mailed me out of the blue to let me know about his Queer Haiku Comics, being released online under the name “Imaginary Encounters.” Unabashedly gay/queer haiku poetry that he’s written, and is adapting into single-page comics. He’s got a really lovely art style that is exactly appropriate to his poetry, and it possesses just that right mix of playful and erotic that had me go through his entire archive when I should’ve been busy with other work.

Head over to http://www.queerhaiku.com/ to see his work to date, or grab a sneak-peak at the whole project on Facebook. I’ve put up a couple of examples of his work at the end of this post, under the cut as they’re a touch NSFW ;).

- Chris

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©2011 Evan Dorkin. From Dork #8Dork Volume 2: Circling The Drain. 152, 153, 154

In retrospect, I thought it might be nice to run all of these strips together. Click each one for the larger version.

- Christopher

©2011 Evan Dorkin. From Dork #8Dork Volume 2: Circling The Drain. 152

For the rest of the week, it’s “Kids Say The Stupidest Things” week! When you see this logo:

…you’ll know that kids say the stupidest things!

- Chris

I just had curry for lunch so this seemed appropriate. This is the mozzarella cheese curry Andrew had in the curry-shop behind the comic book store (Nakano Shoten) in Jimbocho. Japanese curry and cheese–two great tastes that go great together! Not shown: boiled new potatoes, also delicious.

I forgot to post the MURDER CAN BE FUN strips until right now (sorry!) cuz I was out all day on Sunday, my normal “do your internet work” day. And then yesterday was an amazing, productive meeting with The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa (Gatineau, actually) who I’m doing some consulting work for, and getting ready all of the stuff for our Natsume Ono announcement today (awesome) and then I went for ramen, had a few beers with friends, and fell asleep for 14 hours (ugh).

What I’m trying to say is, things are busy and good, and I’m apparently not as sick of talking about myself as I thought I was… :-/

For balance, here are some cool things that people I know are doing:

ITEM! A bunch of my friends were nominated for Shuster Awards, which recognize excellent Canadian contributions to the medium of comics. I personally know 95% of the nominees, so I will refrain from congratulating them individually. Instead: Congrats to all of you! Full nominees list at http://joeshusterawards.com/.

ITEM! The lovely Erika Moen and the cubby Jeff Parker have launched a new webcomic venture: Bucko. Verdict: First three pages are awesome. http://www.buckocomic.com/

ITEM! Heidi MacDonald is celebrating a year of independent blogging at The Beat today. Congratulations, Heidi! http://comicsbeat.com/

ITEM! UDON is doing an open-call for Mega Man Fan Art, for their new Mega Man Tribute art book. It’s a contest that I’d enter myself, if I had time to sit down and draw something, so I feel like all y’all should go enter it too. Seriously, it’s hype. Head over to http://www.megamantribute.com/ to see the rules and details. Contest closes February 4th at 1pm!

Peace out!