Spotted at ‘Plaza’  in Harajuku, July 2009. Ladies Briefs featuring Spider-Man. If you are a nerd who gets a lady to wear these for you, you are a lucky nerd indeed…!

- Chris

©2010 Evan Dorkin. From Dork #5 & Dork Volume 1: Who’s Laughing Now?. 102
Editor’s Note: This is my favourite FUN strip of all time.

We got to Odaiba a little later than I wanted, and ended up missing a chance to see the lit-up Gundam do its whole thing. It had been powered-down for the night, but was still impressive. What was maybe more memorable was the view back across the bay to Tokyo.

- Chris

Love Star.


Mos Burger X Mr. Donut. L to R: Donut Holes (asst), Chocolate “Cheese Burgers”, Mango Pudding, Fried Dough with Raspberry “Ketchup”.

Convenience Store Sandwiches on white bread. Default flavour is peanut butter, but these are special. Top: Strawberries and Whipped Cream Sandwich. Bottom: Caramel Pudding Sandwich.

Birthday Cake… thing. Thanks Dave!



- Chris

Dustin Harbin secures his spot at TCAF on the 5th floor, alone, by drawing me into a comic strip at his website. I like the illustration of me in the last panel the best but I didn’t want to spoil it.

- Christopher