Christmas!!!!So even on my best days I’m no Robot 6 or Comics Reporter, and on my worst I’m like one of those sites where you can’t tell whether or not my site is still active. About 90% of the time I’ve got a post in me, but I just don’t have the time to get it out… or the inclination to deal with the follow-up discussion that post will create (seriously, I’ve got a POD post that’s like 90% written and I just don’t want to post it because I don’t want to have that discussion… but I digress).

But it’s Christmas. And I really am fortunate for a lot of the things in my life, and as strange as it sounds (even though this is the ‘naughties) my blog, and all of you folks that read it and link it and talk about it, is one of the things I’m truly grateful for. So I’d like to, if I may, try and give back to all y’all with a full week of posting, of what this blog would be like every single day if I had my druthers. While my druthers are unlikely to appear until I get fired from The Beguiling or leave TCAF (neither is likely, thankfully), I figure that I can pull off one week of this… even if it’s going to be the busiest week of the year.

First up? Those of you in your feed reader will notice all of last week’s DORK strips have gone up, 5 new ones in a row. Reading at the website? Scroll down. A whole bunch of Evan Dorkin goodness (meanness?) all at once.

As for the rest, sit back and enjoy, as I endeavor give you a near-perfect week of Comics212, everything you love and hate about the site, firing on all cylinders, until Christmas day.


- Christopher

The Muppets, by Chip Zdarsky

One of my favourite things this year is when Chip Zdarsky drew a bunch of muppets for their anniversary. I know, right? There’s a whole interactive thingy at This is one of my favourite things from this year.

More Chip Zdarsky goodness at his Flickr photostream.

- Chris

Dudes I am so busy I am sorry for not updating. Soon, I promise. It will be awesome.