XMenMisfits1_500Dude, I am so behind on my reading. You have no idea. Stacks and stacks of stuff by my bedside, in the living room, in the batroom. Can’t deal. So I asked my friend Derek (who we call “Haliday” as that is his last name) to read X-MEN: MISFITS, the X-Men Shojo manga by my friends Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman (and artist Anzu), because he’s a) read a lot of manga and b) read a lot of X-Men. He’s a dude, so he’s not the target audience (necessarily, I’m sure the authors would say that the book is for everyone, more or less), but still, he understands manga and superhero comics real good-like… I knew he’d have an interesting response to the book whether he liked it or not.

Instead of telling me about the book after he read it, he wrote a review of it. It’s a really good review as a piece of writing, very direct but still nuanced without being flowery, and I feel it really tells me a lot about the execution of the book, as well as just enough of the plot. So, since I in effect commissioned this review, I feel I should link to it:


Thanks Derek, you’ve made me want to move the book to the top of my to-read stack.

- Christopher

In my capacity as the Director of TCAF, I am sending out some stuff about exhibiting at the show in 2010. Perhaps this is of interest to you? If so, there is a note about that below. If not? Dreadfully sorry, I’ll have some Japan pictures up soon.


- Christopher


Hi folks! Christopher Butcher here, Director of the 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, being held May 8th and 9th 2010 in Toronto, Canada. I just wanted to let you know about a pretty exciting change to TCAF for our 2010 event, and that’s our new policy of an open-application process for exhibition space. 

Previously, exhibition at TCAF was by invitation only, as we strove to bring the very best creators in the medium to exhibit in Toronto. We’re very proud of all of our previous exhibitors, and we enjoyed curating the sort of show we always wanted to attend ourselves. But quite simply, 2010 isn’t 2003, and the comics medium and industry has grown in so many interesting directions and is producing so much great work that even we’re having trouble keeping up. So we’ve opened up the process so that all creators are welcome to apply to exhibit at the 2010 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, in the hopes that we can continue to be a great home to a diverse and talented group of authors, artists, and speakers.

You can find the application info at http://www.torontocomics.com/. Please note, if you’re a full-line publisher or will require multiple tables at TCAF 2010, please instead contact us at registration@torontocomics.com

Unfortunately even with our increased space for 2010, there’s no way we’d ever be able to accommodate every creator who applied to exhibit at TCAF. Rather than treating the exhibitors in a “first come, first served” fashion that may exclude some great people, we’re instead keeping registration open until November 15th, 2009 and will then select our exhibitors from the total pool of applicants. The TCAF Executive Committee will choose the cartoonists we think would be the best fit for the Festival. TCAF is still (and will likely remain) a show with a juried exhibition space, but we did want to give everyone a level playing-field on which to have a chance at participating.

Applicants will be contacted beginning December 1st to let them know them know whether or not they’ve been accepted as exhibitors. TCAF 2010 is presented by Toronto Public Library and The Beguiling, and will be held May 8th and 9th 2010 at Toronto Reference Library.

So whether you’re a previous exhibitor or are hoping to exhibit for the first time, feel free to fill out the online application. Hopefully we’ll see you in 2010!


- Christopher Butcher, Festival Director, Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Hello lucky readers! I’ve managed to secure lovely large versions of Maurice Vellekoop’s illustrations from this past Saturday’s National Post Style Quarterly, as well as the text of the piece by Nathalie Atkinson. This is one of the many reasons that I love actual, physical newspapers–they do beautiful, wonderful things like giant fashion illustrations by some of my favourite artists, and get witty and skilled journalists to write the whole thing up. Kudos to The National Post for commissioning this fun feature, and thanks for letting me run with it…!


On the Runway: An Illustrated Fashion Editorial
Weekend Post, Saturday September 12
Illustration by Maurice Vellekoop, Text by Nathalie Atkinson
“I hope there’s a red carpet at check-in,” says Marla, feeling the Sixties retro-futurism vibe of her Narciso Rodriguez ensemble (made all the more over-the-top with a Jimmy Choo bag).

On the Runway: An Illustrated Fashion Editorial
Weekend Post, Saturday September 12
Illustration by Maurice Vellekoop, Text by Nathalie Atkinson

“I hope there’s a red carpet at check-in,” says Marla, feeling the Sixties retro-futurism vibe of her Narciso Rodriguez ensemble (made all the more over-the-top with a Jimmy Choo bag).


Model of the moment Katya is starry-eyed, fresh off the plane from Eastern Europe and worries she doesn’t have a thing to wear: luckily John Galliano went to town in the Balkans with folkloric embroidery and traditional costume headdresses. “Dahling, anybody who tells you that less is more is simply old, like me,” purrs her booker Joan, in Jil Sander.

small-VELLEKOOP-Marc Jacobs-Dior

It’s always happy hour in the First Class Lounge. Sheila and Karen aren’t frequent fliers but their Marc Jacobs (L) and Christian Dior outfits (R) were all the points they needed to breeze past those adorable security men. (That, and the promise of mile high club benefits.) “If anybody gets suspicious,” whispers Sandrine, “just repeat after me: ‘Oh, how I miss the Concorde.”


The same charm doesn’t work on Customs, alas, as this ill-fated trio soon found out. Search and seizure agents were immune to the persuasive sartorial powers of Alexander McQueen (L), Miu Miu (M) and Comme des Garçons (R) and immediately confiscated the spoils of several fashion weeks’ worth of front row swag. Isn’t air travel glamorous?


Hey fashionistas, if you’re eager to see Maurice Vellekoop interpreting this season’s hottest fashions, make sure to pick up a copy of this Saturday’s National Post. It’s their quarterly style guide, and features 4 lovely images by Vellekoop and a loose narrative by Nathalie Atkinson, that weaves Jacobs, Dior, and McQueen into the most glamourous of all settings—the airport.

Sadly, it doesn’t look this the article has made it online yet (it’s too bad because I was REALLY hoping to see the images online, a little larger than they were in the paper), but if you are able to still grab a copy of the paper it’s pretty neat, I recommend it.

(There’s also a new TIFF comic strip by Steve Murray in there too…)

If The National Post puts the article online I’ll update this post with a link! If not maybe I’ll just scan some of it?

- Christopher

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