So this has been bugging me for days, but what’s with Jason Patric? I mean…

“”Let’s face it, the geeks have inherited the world, and if you want to be a player in this system, you have to be willing to do some of this,” Patric acknowledged. “But I wouldn’t do ‘The Losers’ if it wasn’t interesting to me as an actor.”"

Okay first, Jason Patric, the quote is “inherit the EARTH”, and second, The Losers is a geek movie? It’s a classic caper/espionage movie, with no geek trappings whatsoever. I realize being a geek is “hip” and all that nonsense, and you can be a geek for sports or comics or clothes or movies or toys or whatever, hoo-rah we have arrive-ed. But seriously Jason Patric? And seriously awful Variety article in which Jason Patric is quoted? Patric didn’t sign up in the proud tradition of Hollywood actors slumming it in capes or whatever, he signed up to continue in the proud tradition of Michael Bay-esque summer blockbusters, with dudes and sexy chicks and guns and splosions and triple crosses and… you know. Jason Patric you didn’t sign up as Heath Ledger in Dark Knight, you signed up to play John Travolta in Swordfish. Which is fine, Swordfish was entertaining as all hell and three cheers for The Losers, but denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, chief. Chiefs.

- Chris

The Marvel 70th Anniversary Party and Sale
Tuesday, August 11th, 2009, From 9pm-11pm
@ The Beguiling Books & Art, 601 Markham Street, Toronto, Canada
Just around the corner from Honest Eds, at Bathurst Subway Station

So we’re hosting a one of those 70th Anniversary parties at The Beguiling tonight. Marvel put together this promotion where as a store, you could order a couple of extra variant covers for two of their comics if you agreed to host a party, and they would tell people you were hosting a party. It’s a decent enough promotion (though the promotion of my store is buried in a PDF document on their site… ), and since we’d been contacted by a number of our customers who wanted the variants, we decided to go ahead with it.

At first I thought about just ‘phoning it in’, not really doing an event and just putting the variants out for the people who wanted them. After all, Marvel’s stuff isn’t generally the stuff we get behind when it comes to promoting comics at The Beguiling, for a lot of reasons. They haven’t behaved particularly well or particularly ethically as a company for… their entire history. And they publish a lot of bad books, in a lot of bad ways. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love Marvel’s comics at one point in my life… I’ve got hundreds of them piled up in my parents house. And we’ve got customers who love the Marvel books, or who loved the Marvel books of their youth somewhere in the last 70 years of their publishing history… for good or for ill. So we’re doing a party; a little trivia contest, a big sale on Marvel stuff, having some fun with it for our customers who wanna show up. It’s a little under 4 hours until the party starts now, and I hope it goes well but realistically my total investment has been an extra staff-member and $50 in food and drinks, and that’s worth a little good will.

Anyway, if you’re in the area come on out tonight.


- Christopher

I don’t think I specifically mentioned, but I’m starting to reprint these from the very, very first issue of DORK. You might’ve noticed that little “copyright 1992″ on the strips. As you might imagine Evan’s work has developed a helluvalot in the last… 17 years, and you’re gonna see that quickly too, as we’re all the way up through 1995 or 96 by the end of September.

Evan had kinda thought I was gonna start with the later strips that he liked the art on better. Heh. No. Context is everything man, and seeing Evan’s work grow by leaps and bounds over the next 280 weekdays is gonna be part of the fun.


- Chris