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I started a podcast with my friends Deb Aoki, David Brothers, and Chip Zdarsky, called Mangasplaining. In many ways it feels like an extension of what I used to do here, and what I started out doing at the very dawn of this website–which is talk about good books and recommend them to people who might not know much about them. In this case, Chip had never read manga before, and Deb, David, and myself are experts on Japanese manga in translation to English, so we’re recommending books and reading them together. Answering questions, providing insight, behind the scenes, etc. If you’re someone who likes comics and is curious about manga but hasn’t read much, or just wants to hear us talk about books you already like, this is the podcast for you.

A thing I didn’t realize I was doing is blogging every episode as well. Not blogging exactly, but with input from the team I’m writing up very extensive show notes for every episode. Explaining things we only briefly touch on, including images for reference, etc. After spending the better part of the last 9 months healing and resting it’s nice to be doing a little small something now, and talking and writing extensively about manga scratches an itch. Hanging out with friends is the best part though, not gonna lie.

Anyway, if you want to read things I write, which if you see this at all is a pretty safe bet, you can head over to and read 2000 or so words a week. There’s also a podcast to listen to where we’re all having a lot of fun, which you can get on that page or wherever you listen to podcasts.


– Christopher

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