NotComics: Hurray! I’m Not Getting Dumber.

Chris' IQ ScoreLast night Canada got together and we collectively took an IQ test. The CBC (and Quaker Oats) presents: Test The Nation! A televised (and online) I.Q. test designed to figure out where all the smart people are in Canada. Blah blah blah, I.Q. tests are effectively useless at tracking your I.Q., but hey, it’s fun and it’s always nice to be validated. I scored a very respectable 130, so at least I’m as smart as I was when I was like… eight. In other complimentary news, Peter says my taste is much better since I’ve started working here :). So, it’s a good day for compliments.

You can take the test yourself at Post your scores in the comments section if you like. 🙂

– Christopher

11 thoughts on “NotComics: Hurray! I’m Not Getting Dumber.”

  1. Pretty much dead-on average at 110. Kicked ass in the language section, but performed dismally in the spatial/visual sections. So now I’m all fired-up to work on those areas (but I probably won’t).

  2. Bloody 111….. Seriously.. if the world was Math and logic and puzzles I would rock.. Stupid language secions and there stupid humpback to whale comparions. Did i mention I hate language, seriously HATE.

    OH and maybe if a didn’t turn my head and talk to Lara through the Air Farce sketch i would have got 1 point there…

    Oh and Where is my callout for making you an uncle!

  3. no fair you took it online!!!!! This test is official under protest. The mental anguish i had to endure by watching that show for 2 bloody hours while I took the test should count for something.

  4. Chris, thanks for the link. I scored 137 but I’ll chalk that up to all the crossword and logic puzzles I’ve been doing.

  5. Scored 127 with a kick-ass perfect math score and a sophisticated and elegant 11/12 with language. But it was the friggin’ logic questions that yanked me down.

    But aren’t math and logic connected? – Like, didn’t Mr. Spock do great in math?

    And, as an aside, why am I not capable of making any sort of comparison without a geek reference?

  6. 115. Which is a letdown, as I usually score far better in those tests (yeah, right…) – but in my defense, I took the test at work, while Don Johnson was playing in my iTunes.

    Strangely enough I rocked at language even though I´m not a native speaker…

  7. Hey Chris,

    Scored a 128 for my age range. What hurt me was the visual memory and photos. Missed the whole Air Farce video. Wendy Mesley is like the Julie Chen (CBS’s Big Brother) of live Canadian television – Horrible!

  8. 127. I suck at memory things, esp. lists of random content. Scored a perfect 12/12 on perception. Only 10/12 on the math though, which surprised me because I *thought* I’d gotten all of those right. Wish they would tell which ones I got wrong…

  9. I’m not a genius like the rest of you people. I only got 122. But then, I didn’t expect any better, since all I do is read comics and drink anti-freeze all day.

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