13 thoughts on “Oo! Everyone seen this?”

  1. Wait… what? Who? When?

    Oh man… I know it’s not going to happen, but if they did it up like the special edition one you brought back from Japan, I’d have to go rub one out in anticipation. PLUTO is, like, the killer shark of manga. SO GOOD.

  2. I’m sure reading Astro Boy would deepen an appreciation, but I think I’m appreciating Pluto plenty even not having read much Astro Boy. I wouldn’t use the word “necessary,” personally, but maybe there’s something I’m missing. Jog did a review of both the Astro Boy story and Pluto that’s over on the right side of at his blog, and worth looking at.

    When I was in Japan, they were selling over-sized copies of the Pluto and the Astro Boy equivalent-story as a package deal with a similar trade dress (all silver books with,like, die-cut covers; kind-of nicer), so fans could read both. The two stories look pretty darn different in style.

  3. Man, I was waiting for 20th century boys and this to come out three years ago when I left canada. I come back to canada for a year and it’s still not out, and it looks like I’ll have left again by the time it does come out. Sigh.
    I clearly just need to learn another language if I want to read manga like this.

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