Japanese Film Screening for Tsunami Relief April 5th

My friend Chris Magee of J-Film Pow-Wow just sent me this note about a benefit film screening that he’s running on Tuesday, April 5th. The film looks like a lot of fun and I’m going to try and head out to it myself, and I really wanted to spread the word too!

Hello Friends,

The Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow is proud to present the Toronto Premiere of Yosuke Fujita’s comedy FINE TOTALLY FINE on TUESDAY, April 5th at THE REVUE CINEMA at 7:00PM. 100% of the proceeds from this screening will be going to Japanese earthquake/ tsunami relief. TICKETS ONLY $8.00 AT THE DOOR!

Yosuke Fujita has made a truly feel good indie comedy with his story of Teruo (YosiYosi Arakawa), a tree trimmer whose mission in life is to make the scariest haunted house experience in Japan. He enlists the help of … his best friend Hisanobu (Yoshinori Okada), a hospital administrator, in his bone-chilling plans, but Hisanobu is starting to doubt if two guys heading into their 30’s should really be spending their time trying to scare the life out of people. The lives of these two friends takes a turn when accident prone artist Akari (Yoshino Kimura) comes to work at Hisanobu’s hospital. Can wanting to terrify people, growing up and falling in love co-exist in these two slackers’ lives?

100% proceeds from this screening of FINE TOTALLY FINE will go directly to SUPPORT JAPAN – GAMBARE/ JustGiving, a relief fund created by Yuko Shiomaki, the president of PICTURES DEPT., the distributor of FINE TOTALLY FINE. Japan is facing its greatest crisis since WW2. Please come out to see a great film and to help those in need! Read more about JustGiving here: http://justgiving.jp/c/3385

Thanks to Pictures Dept. and Third Window Films for making this event possible.

SEE THE TRAILER HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gIVJxdcRuI&feature=related

READ A REVIEW HERE: http://jfilmpowwow.blogspot.com/2009/01/review-fine-totally-fine.html

Hope to see you all at the screening on the 5th!


Chris MaGee

Founder & Editor & Chief
The Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow

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