SKY KID! A Comic Strip I wrote @ ShiftyLook!

Hey readers (if any of you are still out there)! I wanted to let you know I wrote a comic strip for the webcomics portal SHIFTYLOOK that is nearing the end of its run this week. It’s called SKY KID, illustrated by the amazing Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz and lettered by top-notch letterer Marshall Dillon, and I’m really pleased with it. 🙂

You can start reading my contribution to the series at, which will introduce you pretty clearly to What’s Happening. Then click the little >> in the upper right hand corner to see the next strip.

My run on the story is 15 episodes long, and is a capper to the story begun by my very good friend Jim Zub (1, 2) who handed the reins over to me for a while. You can also read the whole kit’n’kaboodle starting at the very beginning at Thanks to Jim and the ShiftyLook team for allowing me the opportunity to play in their sandbox awhile… 🙂


– Chris


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