Tomer Hanuka in Triumph Of Post-Moderism

I really like the art of Tomer Hanuka, probably best-known to comics fans for his comic series Bi-Polar and his graphic novel Placebo Man, both published by the indomitable Jeff Mason and Alternative Comics. Tomer is also a much-demanded illustrator, frequently contributing illustrations to The New York Times, and I wouldn’t normally be surprised if one of his editorial illos were e-mailed my way. But usually they don’t come in the body of a piece of spam…?


In a triumph of post-moderism, an illustration by Tomer Hanuka about “Love Muscles” showed up in my inbox under a subject heading with “love muscle” in it.


– Christopher
P.S.: You can buy Tomer Hanuka originals at my employer’s website.

2 Replies to “Tomer Hanuka in Triumph Of Post-Moderism”

  1. So, what have we learned?

    Christopher Butcher, who is certainly a net-savvy individual, will open unsolicited email messages that are not even addressed to him, so long as the subject line contains certain important key phrases?


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