hey how are you?

So it’s been a little busy.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to interview Chip Kidd on stage at The International Festival of Authors, on the occasion of the release of BAT-MANGA. It was a pretty amazing experience, I have to say. I’ve been a fan of Kidd’s work for longer than he would care for me to admit in public, but once upon a time I was going to be a designer and Kidd was a major source of inspiration. In recent years he’s adapted a signature “style” on his projects that intersect the comics industry, but I think that BAT-MANGA is a cut above… The content is certainly excellent, and the attention to detail in the design and production of the book serves the material well. So hanging out with Chip Kidd, interviewing him on stage, that was great.

Lynda Barry was there too! I only got to meet her for a few minutes but she was AWESOME. IS awesome. If you get a chance to meet or interact with her, TAKE IT. She is beautiful.

Then Monday I had to get the Previews done and uploaded. Because today Shaun Tan came to visit. Shaun Tan created the lovely and excellent graphic novel THE ARRIVAL, and we held a launch signing for his new book TALES FROM OUTER SUBURBIA. We had around 40 people show up for the signing and moved a ton of books. We sold out of THE ARRIVAL too. Shaun Tan is a really nice guy too, and it was nice talking to him about his creative process and hearing his conversations with all of the folks who came to the signing and… yeah. It turned out great. Thanks for coming Shaun!

Then I went to the Opera to see Don Giovanni with my husband because it’s our second wedding anniversary.

So, it’s been busy! But really good. Just not terribly bloggy. And I got a really good, bitchy post in me too. Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, later.

– Chris

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  1. I had wanted to attend the Kidd/Barry piece on Sunday but life happened. I did get to attend the Tan store signing and he was indeed very nice. I am surprised that only about 40 people showed up though. It looked like you were getting a steady flow.

    Thanks for the event and thanks in advance for the other signings you have lined up in the next 4-6 weeks.



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