Day 1 of 3 very-long-days is over, and I’m about 20 minutes late for day two. Such is life.

The worst part is, my site seems to be randomly switching from the pretty new design to the default wordpress design. ENTIRELY ON IT’S OWN. This is both not good and completely baffling. If anyone’s got an idea why, feel free to let me know. It’s done it twice now…

Actual posting resumes this evening.

– Christopher

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  1. I took a moment and searched the wordpress site and found two possible problems:

    1. Do you have multiple installations of wordpress? That might be it.

    2. Do you have a theme switcher plugin?

  2. Okay, I’ve got a better idea.

    What it’s doing- for unknown reason- is changing your theme to the “default” theme, located in the default folder in the themes folder in wp-content, I believe.

    What you COULD do is get rid of that theme, copy your super-cool theme into there, rename it default, and leave it alone. This way, if the switch happens again…no one will notice.

    I have no idea this will actually work, but it might be worth a try.

  3. Well, if no theme is applied, you will not end up with a blank page, but a text-only page, so all would not be lost.

    I know I had this problem once before, but I think it had something to do with changing the theme´s name, it didn´t do it on it´s own though.

  4. Myk, can you tell me about the previous probelm you had? The test set-ups of this blog didn’t have any issues until it was transfered over to the main directory on this server which is a little baffling to me as i’ve not had this problem w/ older versions of WP, or versions of textpattern. Support forums list it as a bug of sorts.

    It feels like an issue w/ the cache, or maybe i’m missing something in the .htaccess file. The theme’s name never got changed and i haven’t been anywhere near it when its switched, no messing w/ main loops either. Just markup / styling changes.

    Also if anyone has any suggestions, or similar experiences, or wants to chew on it w/ me feel free to email me.



  5. I think the main point of the post Matt linked to is this:

    WordPress will revert back to the default theme if the theme currently active tries some illegal function.

    In theory, if your theme is acting correctly, you would not need to have the default theme installed on your site.

    Meaning, if the custom theme somehow breaks, WordPress will revert to the default theme.

    The problem we had, as I mentioned to Nadine already, was that someone loaded the page while the CSS was being edited, i.e. it was being written into on the server, so the browser couldn´t find the CSS, so WordPress went back to the original layout.

    Basically, if you live-edit your theme while someone, anyone, visits your site, havoc might just break loose.

  6. Yeah you mentioned live editing in an email. That might make more sense now, as I’ve noticed a delay in cache overnight…so for example i’ll edit something but it won’t show an update for a while, so it could have burped on a live edit done at say 7pm but not shown it until 11pm. Thanks for that, its a def. possibility and one that would make sense.

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