Random Japan: McDonalds Bacon Potato Pie

We ate really well in Japan, and savoured tons of local delicacies, a range of fusion cuisines from China, India, Pakistan, and Korea, melding with Japanese food. But we also ate at McDonalds a few times, because when you’re eating unfamiliar food night-and-day for three weeks, it’s nice to know that McDonalds in Japan tastes exactly like McDonalds everywhere else in the world. My husband is a baco-tarian, which is to say a vegetarian who cannot resist bacon, which is to say a bad vegetarian, so when it came to a quick, familiar snack wherever we were (literally wherever), we dropped in for The McDonalds Bacon Potato Pie.

It is potatoes and little tiny bits of bacon, deep-fried in a McDonalds apple-pie crust. It is delicious in the most horrifying possible way–kind of like a portable scalloped potato, but with more bacon and cheese. And deep-fried. It is also mostly-vegetarian, which is a difficult thing to find without lots of prior research when wandering around Tokyo, let alone the parts of Japan that get far fewer foreign visitors.

For the bargain price of 120yen, I heartily recommend you try your own while there. Maybe pair it up with an Ebi McBurger (kind of a fillet-o-fish made of baby shrimp) or a McPork.

– Christopher

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