Chester Brown’s New Zombie Comic

chester-zombies-b.jpgSo what are you doing on Sunday? If you’re in Toronto and you just said anything other than “I’m going to Word on the Street to see Chester Brown read from his new comic!” shame on you.

Yes, that’s right, Chester Brown, author of Ed The Happy Clown, The Playboy, and Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography will be previewing brand new comics work, and the subject is? ZOMBIES! Commissioned as part of the City of Toronto’s LIVE WITH CULTURE campaign, Chester has completed 6 of a proposed 12 short comics about a zombie invasion in the city of Toronto… and how it affects our arts scene! Of course, being Chester Brown, expect a pretty substantial tweak on the typical zombie book (Romance! Interpretive dance! Final Fantasy!) and Chester’s reading will make it more interesting still.

In a panel entitled Chester Brown in Conversation, Chester will be reading from his new comic strips on Sunday, September 30th at 2pm in the Comics and Graphic Novels tent.

This is just one of the 10+ pieces of comics programming going on this weekend at Word On The Street, a completely free literary festival in Toronto (as well as Calgary, Kitchener, and Vancouver). For more information, visit for more information on everything going down this weekend.

EDIT: I just remembered that I gave a great big interview on this weekend’s comics and graphic novels programming to Chris Randle at Eye Weekly, and lo and behold it’s online. If you head over to you can see me putting on my “I Love Comics” hat and talking about all of the good stuff going down this weekend. Hurray for good press.
– Christopher
(Art by Chester Brown, Copyright Chester Brown 2007, probably.)

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  1. Do you know if there is some place online where all the Live With Art strips are collected? or will he be publishing them in a collection at some point or something?

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