Japan 2010: A Tokyu Hands Christmas

Just as a little follow-up to yesterday’s post, here’s a look at the Christmas Joy to be found inside the doors at the Takeshimaya Times Square TOKYU HANDS store. I actually got told by a kindly old security guard that I had to stop taking photos (in English!) no less, so this post is a little short. Gomen Nasai.

Takeshimaya Times Square is just behind the FrancFranc store, and being in the Christmas/shopping spirit, we thought we’d go check it out.

It’s a massive department store complex… Massive. Hard to explain without seeing it.

Have a Giftful Christmas, courtesy of Tokyu Hands! Possibly the most out-and-out consumerist, capitalist sentiment I have ever heard expressed about the holiday.

I did love the designs of these banners though, red and blue. Gorgeous.

Scenes of snow and ice, christmas around the world, affixed to the walls.

Edit: Whoops! I forgot I had one photo left, of little Santas! Here it is:

Unfortunately that’s all the Giftful Christmas I have for you this year, but hopefully it got you a little Merry.

Travelogues resume in the new year!

– Chris

3 Replies to “Japan 2010: A Tokyu Hands Christmas”

  1. I’m fairly certain we stayed right across the tracks from this one during a third of our visit. We even bought some food from TH for dinner and ate back in our room as we watched the skyline.

  2. “Giftful Christmas” = awesome.


    I think the large retail chain I occasionally freelance for definitely needs to work the phrase “Giftful Christmas” into their holiday displays next year!

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