Get your own pancake drink…

Apparently the folks at online importer j-list have started selling cans of the pancake drink, or as they call it “Dydo Hot Cake Mix Drink ~ Pancake Essence Beverage”. If you’ll recall, this is the beverage that I heard about and became obsessed with finding on my trip to Japan this past fall. I found it, drank it, and it’s delicious. It’s like tea-with-milk that tastes exactly like buttery pancakes and syrup.

It’s also worth noting that I found it served piping hot (in the can!) at a different vending machine, and it might’ve actually tasted even better warm. Anyway, you can now get a can of your very own! Or two or three. I actually brought back 5 or 6 with me, and they’re in the fridge waiting for a perfect moment to relax and enjoy one…

Maybe that moment is now.

Head over to to spend $2.80 on a beverage that your friends will think less of you for having drunk.

– Christopher

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  1. The canned pancake milkshake IS better warm — if you drink it straight. But if you keep it cold it makes a great cocktail mixer. I recently tried with with three different types of alcohol, and found that pancake drink with triple sec is absolutely fantastic.
    See details of the experiment here:

  2. Ooh I’m going to Japan soon (looking back through the category archives for things to do). Probably gonna run down to Kyoto and Shikoku too. I’ll prepare a detailed report on pancake drink availability in those remote regions XD

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