Japan 2007: How to draw manga with Osamu Tezuka


So the last entry had my visit to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Japan. One of the coolest features of the museum is one that I didn’t show you: Little How-to-draw and how-to-create-characters instructional illustrations by Tezuka that were set into the floor. Although it’s probably an exercise for the kids or something, I still thought it would be cool to show you the illustrations, and hopefully you find them interesting (or useful!). Enjoy!








Finally, Amy Kim Ganter (creator of Sorcerers and Secretaries from Tokyopop) let me know that she and her husband Kazu Kibuishi just got back from a trip to Japan in December, and they’ve got tons of their own photos of Japan to ooh and aah over (they’re pretty awesome…). Check out their photos at:


…and check out week two, part two in particular for more views of the Tezuka Manga Museum.

– Christopher

19 thoughts on “Japan 2007: How to draw manga with Osamu Tezuka”

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  2. Christopher,

    These analyses are priceless! Would you know if these are actually compiled in book form somewhere?

  3. Haha, that’s so cool! I love the ”少女マンガの 目” (girl’s manga eyes) on the “Many Eyes” chart, lol too funny!

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