New Taiyo Matsumoto T-shirts at Uniqlo

Thanks to a note from my friend David, I’ve been informed that there’s a whole new round of Taiyo Matsumoto t-shirts now available at Uniqlo Japan.

The last time I went to MoCCA, the Uniqlo on broadway had an explosion of manga Ts with a ton of Matsumoto designs, and I bought literally one of each of them. This time around, unfortunately, I am not going to be anywhere near a Uniqlo for the foreseeable future, and so I’m a little bummed for myself but super-excited for all of you that will have a shot at wearing the coolest t-shirts ever.

Go check out all 14 designs from Tekkon Kinkreet, Ping Pong, Sunny, and more at

– Chris

2 Replies to “New Taiyo Matsumoto T-shirts at Uniqlo”

  1. My five Taiyo Matsumoto t-shirts just arrived today, and they look amazing! I was really hoping to get a Bamboo Samurai tee, but I just couldn’t handle the garish writing on them.

    I hadn’t known that Sunny was based on parts of his childhood til I read it on the Uniqlo label. I’m really curious to know more, since I think it’d explain a lot of the themes in his other books…

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