Tekkon Kinkreet Update

Tekkon Kinkreet All In One Edition

Just as an FYI, we’re down to 5 copies left of the new edition of Tekkon Kinkreet by Taiyo Matsumoto here at The Beguiling, from our initial order of 100. So, you know, 95 copies in 5 months, not bad. I’d been slacking at recommending it lately and when I remembered it I hand-sold another 5 last week. I’m gonna try and sell out by Friday, wish me luck!

– Chris

Black and White Movie - Tekkon Concrete

P.S.: You really should buy it.
P.P.S.: For comparison’s sake, we’ve sold about 250 copies of Naruto Vol 15, which debuted at around the same time. At its $30 price tag though, Tekkon made us more money.
P.P.S.: I didn’t even buy a copy! Viz gave me one. 😀

5 thoughts on “Tekkon Kinkreet Update”

  1. Looks like your hard work is paying off: in a recent article Alvin Lu seemed to be saying that the new edition has sold well and that they’re looking into more stuff to publish in the format.

  2. Hey Huff, yeah, I just saw that. It’s pretty cool… I try not to ask questions of that from Viz staffers because I’m never sure if it’s on the record or not, and then I can’t speculate about it here 🙂

    Actually, I saw some very cool No.5 omnibus volumes in Japan… Maybe? Maybe? No?


    – Chris

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