Some things to go and read: Nudity, Guilt.


My friend Chip Zdarsky has moved from comics creation for the direct market to comics creation for the masses, as he chronicles his unique experiences in sequential format for The National Post (it is a newspaper, in Canada). This time Mr. Zdarsky joins The Post’s star reporter Ben Kaplan and heads to a nudist resort. Yes, that’s right, it’s Chip Zdarsky’s Nudist Resort Funnies. Both the comic and accompanying article are well worth a read.

Nude Dudes: Comic Strip VersionNewspaper Article Version

Meanwhile, Time Magazine is running an article on the guilty pleasures of famous authors. #1? Why it’s Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz talking about his love of Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER:

“Urasawa is a national treasure in Japan, and if you ain’t afraid of picture books, you’ll see why.” – Junot Diaz,

Maybe there’s some hope that adult manga fiction will cross over into the mainstream after all, eh?

– Christopher

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  1. Odd coincidence: After reading your comments about superhero-comic fans not reading manga, I decided to go out and try some*. I picked up Vol. 1 of Monster from my local library last night. So far I’ve really enjoyed it.

    *I have been reading Batman: Death Mask, and have Gantz Vol. 1 on order from my LCS but I still don’t consider myself a manga reader yet.

  2. Hey Chris!
    I do all of my cartooning non-fiction work under “Steve Murray,” my fiction comics as “Chip Zdarsky,” my dope beats as “MC Champagne,” and my financial advice as “Todd Diamond.”
    All of the Above

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